Audits & Financial Statements

Audits & Financial Statements are necessary for banking, bonding, regulatory guidance and internal management.  Hartman, Blitch & Gartside provide several levels of financial statement services:

  • Auditing – Thorough examination of records underlying financial statements
  • Reviews – Consisting of inquiries and analytical procedures
  • Compilations – Information provided by management presented in the form of financial statements
  • Forecasts and projections – Financial statements based on assumptions about future events.

Tax Services

With the increasing complexity of the income tax laws and the advent of new taxes on your income and assets, it is essential you have a comprehensive and thorough knowledge and understanding of legislation and regulations as they come into effect.  Our services include planning, preparation, compliance with and defense of federal and state income tax returns as well as sales and use tax returns.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is another area where we have extensive experience.  With our guidance your family can save a substantial portion of the estate taxes that could be lost ( as much as 55% ) without proper planning.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning for retirement, college educations, or attaining your personal financial goals has become increasingly difficult.  We provide you with a customized program to achieve your financial goals.

Insurance Consulting

Insurance consulting helps you manage life’s risks.  Life, disability and long-term care insurance should all be considered based on your individual or business circumstances.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services are available for those clients who do not have the staff or the inclination to perform much of the routine bookkeeping necessary for sound financial and tax reporting.  We offer a computerized service for recording, monitoring and reconciling your financial records.  Payroll processing and payment of expenses can be arranged on a recurring basis.  We can handle your payroll reporting, tax deposits and preparation of quarterly and annual tax returns, including W-2 and 1099 forms.

QuickBooks Training Services

QuickBooks Training is available for our clients.

Other Services

Many other services can be customized specifically for you.  We provide:  setup or evaluation of in-house accounting systems; investment portfolio analysis; personal financial statement preparation; and consultations for emerging and established businesses.